Oil and Gas Furnace Repair, Service and Installation

Hot Water and Steam Boilers


With over 20 years experience and 24-hour emergency service available, we are the premier heating and cooling contractor serving Northern New Jersey. Our skilled technicians have experience working with all makes and models of both gas and oil heating systems available, and we guarantee our repairs and maintenance will keep your heating systems running efficiently all year.

Furnace Repair, Service & Installation

Offering furnace repair and boiler repair in Wantage, Wayne, Hackettstown  and surrounding areas, DeBoer Heating & Cooling, LLC provides expert furnace installation at a competitive rate. Our skilled heating technicians are highly trained, licensed, and certified to ensure that your full installation is done quickly, effectively, and correctly every time. Our service techs take the time to educate each customer, and work with the customer to collectively select the proper unit for their home and specific needs.

When it comes to furnace repair, you don't want to wait. The team at DeBoer Heating & Cooling, LLC will inspect your existing furnace for any damages, and provide an honest, fair, and free estimate right on-site. We'll make sure to explain our findings, so you are well-educated before making any decisions.


Signs Your Furnace May Need Repair:

Increasing gas/electric bills
Constant thermostat adjustments needed
Inconsistent room temperatures
Yellow or flickering burner flame
Unusual noises
Feeling of nausea, frequent headaches, or even dryness in the throat, eyes, skin, or nose 

Is a Boiler Heating Your Home?

Different from a furnace, a boiler uses hot water to distribute heat throughout your home. We'll help you select the perfect boiler for your home, and install it correctly the first time. We also offer quality repair and maintenance service for your boiler with 24/7 emergency response available. Warning signs of a boiler that needs repair are similar to those of a furnace.

In addition, defective boilers can be detected by:

Pilot light outage
Boiler shutting off
Radiator losing heat

Preventative Maintenance

With annual maintenance  available to fit your schedule and budget, DeBoer can help you prevent early furnace and boiler replacements and costly repairs. We will inspect your unit and perform the necessary repairs, tune-ups, and more to keep your home heated all winter.

24 hour emergency service available in Wantage, Wayne, Hackettstown and surrounding areas of NJ.

24 hour emergency service available in Wantage, Wayne, Hackettstown and surrounding areas of NJ.